Your donation is doubled thanks to the Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Foundation’s generous matching funds.

Each donation to Gold Coast Veterans Foundation goes a long way to assist veterans in our area.  We multiply donated amounts with matching funds and connect veterans to benefits they earned. For example, a $100 donation can return thousands of dollars of medical, disability and benefit payments to a veteran.  Please join us as we ensure our veterans get the care and benefits they earned.

We recognize and appreciate our veteran’s service. We understand the family sacrifices made. This makes us passionate about helping veterans and their family members with their healthcare, housing, benefits, education and job needs.

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax dedcutions are permitted in accordance with IRS regulations. Donate now to ensure your deduction are applied to this year’s tax return.

The Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Foundation was established by Martin V. “Bud” Smith and his wife Martha with the mission “To enhance the quality of life for residents of Ventura County”. Bud, the leading land and business developer in Ventura County for more than 50 years, and his wife Martha hoped that the Foundation would involve future generations of their family in continuing their appreciation of Ventura County and their care and concern for strengthening the community. Four of Bud and Martha Smith’s descendants serve on the board of the Foundation. Joining the Ventura County Community Foundation as a support organization in 1994, the Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Foundation provides funding to nonprofits in Ventura County through an annual grant program, with an emphasis on organizations serving the Oxnard plain.